Stepping into the Unknown

This has been a very challenging article to author, as I find myself caught up in a turbulent economic time shrouded by uncertainty.

I’m fully aware this is probably how most of us are feeling right now, however, it’s especially unnerving for me personally as I recently decided to step out of digital and into the world of property investment!

It takes a lot of courage to pursue a different career path, but I didn’t find myself in my current position by settling or playing it safe. Like all of my previous decisions, it’s a well-calculated and strategic move.

I have been studying the world of property for the last few years, gathering information and learning what I need to be well-positioned. I now approach this new market with a wealth of business experience after founding two successful businesses I’m now starting my third.

One thing my experience has taught me is to narrow down my focus and carve a niche! This is something I have always found hard… chasing every shiny opportunity must be a common curse for the entrepreneur.

I have always enjoyed working with property and it’s a broad area to get lost in, given my experience in the digital space employing so many amazing and talented professionals I understand this demographic well, which is why I’m specialising in helping individuals grow wealth via high-end shared housing (HMOs) for working professionals.

The property market is flooded with appalling landlords who are pedalling 5 bed shared dingy magnolia houses barely large enough to house a family of 3. People often don’t choose to live in terrible accommodation, it’s a case of supply and demand, if the market is flooded with poor housing there is often little choice.

My business approach remains the same… I’m really passionate about raising the bar and setting a high standard, so I will apply this mantra for shared accommodation in Norwich and have a few fellow investors who share the same mindset. Hopefully, between us, we can disrupt this space and make a difference.

The other obvious benefit to high standards is we can offer more value and attract stronger rents not to mention longer tenancy due to our tenants being satisfied and enjoying their living space, all this is great for investors looking for solid returns on their capital.

You can stay updated with progress by following our socials or keeping tabs on the site.

If you are looking to invest in property and want a solid investment partner or know someone who does please feel free to get in touch.