Stay in your own lane

Not a property post but as an entrepreneur, this is a topic I seemingly find myself thinking about quite a bit right now, I feel its an important part of my journey and something that I’m sure may help others.

Starting out in any sector is tough when I founded my first business in 2007 a B2B digital agency offering we were so focused on what we needed to do we never once stopped to look at other people.

I’m not sure if this was due to the fact I had nothing yet to lose or just because social media was in its infancy, so we kept applying pressure to become great at what we did and the rest happened organically.

Now fast forward to 2020, when I am stepping into a brand new sector and all of a sudden I find it all too easy to continually benchmark myself against others, others who have been in this sector for years.

It’s probably worse as I am going from an established business with a great reputation to starting from the beginning in a new arena.

I know its sounds like a crazy thing to do but I’m sure all business owners are guilty of this from time to time.

Here are the things I have found worked for me to combat this optimism draining habit.

Ways to overcome this:

Stay in your own lane: have a plan, figure out what your next immediate step is and focus on taking that next step. If you have a plan and know the direction you are going in nothing else matters… one step at a time

Take a break: Easier said than done I can assure you, but perhaps consider taking a social media break for a couple of weeks. You may find this gives you a clean slate and some perspective.

Ignore the naysayers: Without intention, some people in your life may be so fearful of taking risks they apply their thinking on to you… it’s not intentional but try and spot when this happens and either distance yourself from them temporarily or avoid canvassing their opinions.

Reflect: Look back at all you have achieved so far, make a list and ask others to highlight areas that they feel you have achieved or excelled in. This has by far been the most useful as it usually gives you a boost of confidence and carries you when it gets tough.

In Summary

It’s totally fine to feel overwhelmed by the success of others. Rest assured this success is the result of years of dedication and hard work, look beyond their results to the effort applied and understand they are just further along on their journey. But this doesn’t detract or make your progress any less worth!