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Investment in high-quality housing that promotes wellbeing

I specialise in working with individuals to grow wealth via professional shared housing in the Norfolk area. Having grown 2 successful businesses over the last 14 years one of which I co-founded has a turnover exceeding £1.6m a year I am now focused on using my experience to grow wealth via property in a similar manner. I work with individuals with capital they want to deploy who are looking for a hassle-free turn-key partnership which will give them good returns and capital growth.

What makes Highline different?

High end professional co-living spaces

People don’t choose to live in terrible accommodation they usually have little choice! The market is flooded with tired landlords who focus on money and ignore the full spectrum of what it means to provide a service to your customers. Its no wonder people have to accept this and compromise on the standard of living.⁠

My perspective is vastly different, I aim to get great returns for my investors which is why I focus on the tenant first, the returns are a side effect of offering an amazing service which is what sets us apart from the competition.


Investment Criteria

To put is simply we aim to create compounded wealth and deliver sustainable long term financial results through high-end co-living spaces in the professional market.

Here are our typical investment details.

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Target Purchase Price £240,000
Capital back on refinance 50%
Predicted Gross Yield 8% +
Predicted ROCE 18% +

My Credentials

I’m a 30 something entrepreneur, Starting at 21 I have co-founded 2 successful businesses in the last 14 years and employed over 30 staff.⁠ I recently stepped out of my last venture allowing me to focus on wealth creation and property! ⁠ I’m applying everything I’ve learned to the property industry working with a select few investors to maximize their returns through good solid strategy and business planning!⁠

£10,000,000+ Accumulative revenue 
over 10 years
14 years+ Business experience
2 Successful Businesses Grown

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